We Deliver Your Favourite Food To Your Home!
1. You Place Order To Us.
View menus of your favourite restaurants on our website, and order whatever you are hungry for with one phone call:
2. We Do The Rest!
We send your order to the restaurant, pick it up, and deliver your food to your home.
Five Delivery Ltd.
We open 7 days a week, 11am to 11pm everyday.
Our business hours may be changed without notice due to the restaurants' shifts
As Placing An Order, You Should Know This:
  • Placing an order from multiple restaurants is all welcome. Each Location Charged $5.95 delivery Fee
  • Our current delivery covers only Downtown Vancouver, but it's expanding rapidly.
  • Please be a part of our restaurant-selection process. Let us know which restaurant you want to be added!
What Our Business Partners Want To Know:
  • Our business partners will be benefited by our consistent & progressive promotional campaigns both on line & print
  • Our business partners will have the soft trial phase. If not satisfied with the result, it is perfectly fine to cancel the partnership
    without any financial obligation whatsoever.
  • Our business partners will not require to have any specific system/tool - such as computers, POS system or websites - other than a telephone.
  • The full bill will be paid by our delivery personnal, when he/she picks up the odrder from the restaurant.
Five Delivery Ltd.
  • 1525 Robson Street, Suite 220
    Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 1C3
  • Telephone : (604)968-3333
    Catering Order:
  • Business Hours:
    9am to midnight during week
    11am to midnight on weekends
  • Our business hours may be changed without
    notice due to the restaurant's shifts
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